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Do I Need Gutters?

Rainwater runoff from roofs is a leading cause of damage to homes and commercial structures. Dripping water will rot fascia, trim work, decking, doors, windows and siding. Standing water can breed molds and mildew on foundations, in crawlspaces and basements. Long-term negligence may lead to excessive settling with foundation damage and cracking. If your structure does not have adequate drainage away from the foundation, or if you see drip-lines or splashback onto unprotected areas, then you need a guttering system. Channeling the runoff water from the roof to ground prevents these problems and protects your home.

How Much Is an Estimate, and Am I Obligated for Services or Payment?

Estimates are FREE, and you are under no obligation to have The Guttermen install your gutter system. However, we believe that we offer the highest quality of professional service, backed by industry-leading guarantees and warranties at very reasonable prices.

Do I Need to Be Present While the Estimate or Work Is Being Done?

No, you don’t need to be present when our staff either estimates or installs your work. The Guttermen is a fully licensed and bonded company. You can feel safe that your property will be undamaged when we are working. However, if you have unusual circumstances, such as locked gates, we ask that you provide us access as needed. Also, if you have special questions or needs, we will be happy to set up an appointment at your convenience. 

What Is a Mold Break, and Why Is It Removed?

Houses without gutters usually have a device under the roof that holds shingles away from the eave. This may be a small crown molding (shingle mold) or an L-shaped piece of siding (mold break). Serious problems arise if gutters are hung on or under a mold break. The system may buckle and pull away from the fascia, or rainwater may miss the gutter altogether. Therefore, to properly install gutters, this piece is removed. The system can then slide up as high as possible with the shingles in the gutter.

What is "Flashing", and Do I Need It?

After the mold break is removed, a gap may exist between the fascia and roof decking that will allow air, debris or animals into your structure. To prevent that problem, The Guttermen will install a metal shield (flashing) to cover that gap. Flashing runs under the shingles and down into the gutter. The estimator may recommend flashing; however, if it isn’t required, you aren’t charged.

Do My Gutters Need Covers, and What Types Are Available?

Surroundings generally dictate whether covers are needed. If your structure is near trees, covers are probably recommended to prevent clogging. If the downspouts lead to underground drains, covers will prevent the drains from stopping up. High or steep roofs are also a consideration from a safety standpoint. Gutter systems need to be maintained periodically; covers can lengthen the time between cleaning routines. If you are afraid of heights, or too busy to handle cleanings, covers might be a good alternative for you. The Guttermen has a variety of available covers that range in design and price.

What Colors Are Available for Gutters and/or Covers?

The Guttermen has a wide range of colors for gutters, which we can use to closely match your trim choices. We can also produce gutters in copper if you desire. Some covers are also produced in a variety of colors, while other styles with lower profiles are basic in colors.

Do Gutter Systems Need to Be Maintained, and How Often?

All structure systems need periodic maintenance, and gutters are no different. Over time, gutters will accumulate leaves or pine needles, shingle grit, dirt, limbs and even the occasional golf or tennis ball that goes awry. These obstructions will prevent the proper flow of water to the downspouts and need to be removed. Usually, a once-a-year cleaning is satisfactory, but more often may be necessary if the surroundings are densely wooded.

Do the Guttermen Perform Clean-Out Services, and Can It Be Done on a Regular Basis?

We handle several hundred clean-outs each year. The systems are hand cleaned with any debris being bagged and taken off the property. If covers are present, they are swept clear, and debris is cleaned from splash guards and downspout openings. A maintenance program is available that allows for periodic cleanings, generally on an annual basis. This provides a set price over time that can be budgeted and expected.

What Are Your Guarantees, If Any?

Our materials are guaranteed for 20 years, and our workmanship is warranted for one year. The Guttermen feel that with our superior installation procedures, we can offer an unparalleled guarantee program for our customers. All manufacturer and installation issues are covered. There are a limited number of techniques that are not warranted; however, they are extremely rare, and your estimator will notify you if there are concerns. You also have the comfort of knowing that we will be around to honor those guarantees since we have been in business since 1978.

Are You a Licensed and Bonded Company?

Yes, we are. The Guttermen are fully licensed in the state of South Carolina. The company carries full liability and property damage insurance on our employees and equipment. Copies of licenses and insurance coverages are available through our office.

Financing Options Available

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