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K-Style Seamless Gutters

The Guttermen specialize in standard gutters for homes and businesses. K-Style guttering was developed many years ago and has since become the gold standard for water control systems. The gutter front has multiple curves and bends designed to provide strength underwater weight and wind pressure. The gutter back is taller than the front to force overflow water away from the structure rather than against the fascia and eaves. The lip is a double bend of metal, allowing for more strength in attaching to the structure. We use industry-standard .027 gauge rolled aluminum to create the gutters. This material is coated with a baked enamel finish that should not need painting and is resistant to scratching and fading. If needed (due to structural requirements), greater thicknesses of material can be obtained.

5" & 6" Gutters

We produce both standard 5-inch gutters (measured across the mouth) and the larger 6-inch design. The bigger size carries an astounding 44 percent more volume! Downspouts also come in a variety of sizes. Which system is applicable depends upon roof area and pitch as well as aesthetic desires, structure design and surrounding drainage fields.

7" & 8" Gutters

At The Guttermen we are now offering 7-inch and 8-inch gutters! Let’s talk about how these sizes affect the water flow. The bigger the gutter, the more water it can hold. Why K Style Gutters? These are gutters that have a crown molding shape and look very neat and professional. If you switch from a 6-inch to a 7-inch Seamless K Style gutter, you can increase your water capacity by 30%! Most commercial buildings need bigger gutters than houses because they have bigger roofs and collect more rainwater. That’s why we recommend the 7-inch or 8-inch seamless gutters for most of our customers. They are the perfect fit for your needs. But we also have other sizes for different situations and types of buildings. So, keep reading to find out which one is right for you

Gutter Covers & Caps

The Guttermen endorse and install several lines of gutter covers and caps, all of which are after-market products. Therefore, they can be applied at the time of the initial installation or at a later date. While covers do a fine job of preventing debris from clogging the runs and downspouts, they will not prevent leaves and needles from accumulating on the roof and guards. Therefore, periodic maintenance and cleaning are recommended for proper operation. You can call on The Guttermen to assist you with these cleanings.

Cleanout Services

Over time, your gutters may be filled with debris, or shingle grit, and will need to be cleaned out for proper operation. Many people find it uncomfortable to have to climb up high to handle this chore. Having all the proper equipment, The Guttermen will provide you with a thorough cleaning at a reasonable price. We begin by blowing the roof and valleys clean, bagging all the debris to be hauled away and then performing routine maintenance such as checking slopes and clearing downspouts for you.

Pickup or Runoff Orders

You may need small runs of gutter, or accessories if you prefer to handle the job yourself. Call The Guttermen; we can generally produce your items in next-day service. Come by our shop to pick up the order or, for a small trip charge, we can bring it to your site.

FREE Estimates

A professionally trained estimator will visit your site to prepare a detailed estimate. This document will include a scale drawing of our recommendations as well as an itemized price listing of the elements required. Whether we meet in person or prepare the estimate in your absence, a phone follow-up is used to ensure that everyone clearly understands the plan.

Financing Options Available

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